Pinnacle Moving took care of all aspects of our move, from packing to delivery. We didn't have to lift a finger and the results were better than we could have expected. Great job all around!

Pinnacle Moving uses professional equipment and supplies to ensure that none of your belongings are damaged during your move.  In addition, we will be happy to assist you with packing any of your belongings.

If you would like to do your own packing, we can provide you with any supplies that you may need, such as bubble wrap and boxes of all sizes.

Following are some packing tips that you may find helpful:


  • • Mark all boxes according to their contents
  • • Place heavy items in small boxes; try to keep weight under 50 pounds per box
  • • Place lighter items on top of heavier items in each box
  • • Ensure bottoms of boxes are sealed with strong packing tape
  • • Place mattresses in mattress covers (available free of charge from Pinnacle Moving)
  • • Pack valuable mirrors and paintings in painting boxes (available from Pinnacle Moving)
  • • Keep parts from disassembled furniture together

Fragile Items

  • • Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap and pack in a small box
  • • Surround smaller box with cushioning and place in a larger box


  • • Individually wrap each piece with newsprint, then bundle 3 to 5 wrapped pieces and wrap again with newsprint
  • • Stand each bundle on its side; do not lay it flat
  • • Add crumpled newsprint and a cardboard divider if creating a second level in the same box


  • • Individually wrap with newsprint
  • • Pack with rims down
  • • Add crumpled newsprint and a cardboard divider if creating a second level in the same box



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